Workplace Christmas Parties are Coming Up – Here’s Why Pizza Guardians Will Give your Office the Best Catering with Pizza!

Whether you enjoy or despise workplace parties, there is one obvious fact about the annual workplace Christmas party – they are always better with good catering!

When it comes to the workplace crowd, no two people have identical food preferences. On the one hand, you have a carnivore who enjoys meat and a health-conscious vegan on the other. It’s challenging, but not impossible, to accommodate everyone’s tastes during a workplace party with… PIZZA TAKEAWAY!

Pizza Guardians will provide the goods whenever and wherever required, from corporate events to school fetes and general shindigs.

We take pleasure in our pleasant service and high-quality pizza takeaways, the ideal Christmas party mix. So, let Pizza Guardians handle your workers’ complex meal requirements: it’s no problem for us! Here are five benefits you can expect from our large-catering pizza delivery orders.

  1. Great Prices Even for Large Catering Orders

Don’t waste your time and money attempting to plan an elaborate buffet lunch — you’ll wind up with leftover food and less money to spend on staff beverages.

Instead, order a selection of pizzas from our classic pizza menu and value pizza menu, then you can let your team select their favourites. We are glad to help you, whether you have a 5-person office or a 500-person workplace for only a few dollars per head!

Even when you’re on a tight budget, pizza comes through. Pizza takeaway is also significantly more satisfying than burgers or chicken buckets, especially when ordering a variety of different toppings. Your visitors will be delighted with three to six slices.

2. Delivery is Always Available

No matter where your Christmas office party is taking place this year, Pizza Guardians can deliver piping hot fresh pizzas straight to your location, and you can easily order online! That’s both handy and delicious.

Pizza Guardians operates four pizza restaurants in the Brisbane region. Pizza Guardians now provides the most incredible pizza in Morayfield, the best pizza delivery in Caloundra, the best pizza in Rockhampton, and the finest pizza in Toowoomba.

If you’re looking for a “pizza place near me” or the “nearest pizzeria to me,” you won’t be disappointed if you visit one of our Pizza Guardians locations. Just take a peek at our most recent reviews!

3. There are Options for Any Diet, Preferences and Allergens

Sharing meals with others is a wonderful and sincere social occasion no matter what culture you come from or where you grew up. But these days every person has a conflicting diet to the next, it can make catering for a large group of people difficult.

Luckily Pizza Guardians are adaptable to every taste, allergens, and preference. Our pizza delivery options can be made vegan, vegetarian, seafood-based, protein-rich, gluten-free, and even extra spicy. And, unlike catered food, you can buy everyone their own pizza so that every food allergy and dietary limitation are accommodated.

Whatever your taste or disposition, there is a pizza takeaway to fit you. There’s no reason for anybody to feel left out when pizza is on the menu, from gourmet enthusiasts to vegans and picky children.

What else is there to love about pizza takeaway? There are so many delectable side dishes to add on, from garlic bread to cheesy garlic aioli pizza. Alternatively, everyone’s favourite, scrumptious chicken bites available with a wonderful range of dipping sauces such as Smokey BBQ or Hot Chilli. It’s just that simple to transform a modest pizza takeaway into a spectacular feast!

4. Good Food = Good Times

At Pizza Guardians, we only utilise the freshest locally sourced ingredients, and we bake our dough from scratch every day in our pizza places. That’s why we like catering for larger workplace gatherings — we go above and beyond your expectations regarding food quality and service efficiency to ensure the workplace event was a smash hit and as easy as possible for the hosts!

5. Minimal Clean Up!

Pizza is already cut into slices and requires no dishes. The pizza box aids as a serving platter, and staff will most likely just eat one slice at a time, allowing you to skip the plates entirely. Or your team may eat right from the box or disposable plates and serviettes and then throw it away.

How Many People are you Planning to Feed?

Defining the size of your Christmas staff party is an essential first step in the planning process. The number of guests you expect will help you estimate how much pizza you’ll need.

A pizza takeaway Christmas party is often assumed to include two to four pizza slices for each attendee. This indicates that an 8-piece pizza should be enough to feed 2 to 4 people. But it is preferable to have some pizza remaining at the end rather than run out of pizzas in the middle of the celebration, so ordering one extra pizza is always a safe bet.

When throwing a pizza party, it’s also essential to keep everyone’s tastes and meal choices in mind. It is much easier to serve your visitors if you know their preferences. Some people are vegan or vegetarian, while others have religious convictions that dictate their eating habits. On the other hand, others may be allergic to lactose or gluten, among other things.

What are You Waiting for? Order From One of Our Pizza Places Today!

We like catering for every occasion, delivering pizza joy to workplaces, celebration get-togethers, corporate events, school functions, and any other locations for many satisfied customers. No request is too big or too little for us!

Do you have an upcoming event and want to serve your guests with the best pizza place catering Brisbane has to offer? Pizza Guardians “Pizza Places Near Me” has you covered! We make pizzas with the freshest gourmet ingredients and deliver the best value.

Please contact us via our contact page to discuss your upcoming event and how Pizza Guardians’ mobile gourmet pizza catering can assist! We promise that you will not be dissatisfied.

If there are no upcoming events or you simply want a pizza, stop by a Pizza Guardians pizza place, or buy online. From pizza places Caboolture to Morayfield, each pizza shop maintains quality, consistency, and great value for money. Delivering freshly prepared pizzas and side dishes piping hot to your home. So, you can dine like you’re in Italy without ever leaving your house!

Each Pizza Guardians’ pizza place takes great pride in producing delectable simple pizza using only the freshest ingredients. From pepperoni pizza to Margherita pizza and much more, our menu is fantastic, with a wide range of selections to suit all dietary needs at reasonable rates.

Pizza Guardians will make your life easier pizzas are the original large 12 inches and are all the same price EVERY DAY.

At Pizza Guardians, you can rely on us to bring you more quality, value, and simplicity when you order from us. Pizza Guardians is the fast and easy way to feed all the family. Order your pizza online now, or get in touch with our pizza places directly; for Toowoomba, call 07 4580 4292; for Rockhampton, call 07 4839 7055; for Morayfield, call 07 5328 1460, and for Caloundra, call 07 5491 5644.

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