What is Australia’s Most Popular Pizza Takeaway Toppings?

Although pizza originated in Italy, it has transcended time and space (as well as geographical limits!) to become one of the world’s most popular foods. Australia is no exception as pizza is our most popular takeout food. After all, we Aussies eat millions of pizza takeaways per year!

This popularity has resulted in several variants in pizza creation based on regional or national tastes, cultural preferences, and local cuisine. So, what precisely are Australian’s ordering? Luckily in March 2021, Delicious Magazine investigated for us…

Delicious Magazine – Australia’s number one premium food and lifestyle brand – was on a search for the finest local takeaway in the country. As part of the study, they asked thousands of their readers what their favourite pizza toppings are, and the results are pretty controversial.

NSW’s Favourite Pizza Toppings

Except for New South Wales, pineapple was among the top ten pizza takeaway toppings in every state!

In a similar manner, NSW was again an outlier as they were the only Australian state that ranked three seafood toppings from a list of ten – smoked salmon, prawns, and anchovies – in their favourite pizza takeaway topping. Maybe this love for seafood is because of their beachy lifestyle? Or simply having a great seafood market?

Chilli was also among the top five toppings for pizza takeaway in New South Wales, which is kind of a testament to a more refined palate as they were the only states to have prosciutto in their top 10.

South Australia’s Favourite Pizza Toppings

Over in South Australia, their passion for old school Italian or ‘genuine’ Neapolitan pizza led them to choose classic toppings all the way – salami, mushrooms, olives, anchovies, and prosciutto among their favourite pizza takeaway toppings.

South Australians can’t resist a cheeky Hawaiian pizza takeaway, as no other state placed these two major ingredients of a Hawaiian pizza quite as highly with pineapple third and ham fourth.

For years, pizza takeaway lovers have debated whether the acidic fruit should be used as a topping. Whatever the outcome of this heated debate, it’s apparent that we Aussies adore our Hawaiian pizza since who doesn’t enjoy a double smoked leg ham on pizza?

Northern Territory’s Favourite Pizza Toppings

Northern Territorians included pineapple and bacon among their top five pizza takeaway toppings. They enjoy mozzarella and salami on their pizzas, too, but no state – not even Queensland – placed pineapple on a pizza higher than they did.

Some may attribute the high ranking of pineapple, bacon, olives, and anchovies to Darwin’s closeness to Southeast Asia or palates educated by sweet, sour, and salty delicacies at markets like Mindil and Rapid Creek.

Tassie’s Favourite Pizza Toppings

Tasmania’s choice of toppings clearly identified them as the fun-loving wildcards. Smoked salmon is second on their list of favourite toppings, far ahead of any other state. They are also the only state that rates sweet pizza takeaways, with white chocolate coming in third.

Tasmanian pizza fans finish off their top five with vegemite and pineapple, demonstrating an adventurous, free-thinking streak capable of pairing vegemite with hot pizza dough rather than hot toast.

Queensland’s Favourite Pizza Toppings

Queenslanders revealed their favourite toppings includes all selections you’d find on the classic Aussie favourite meatlovers as their top ten toppings include salami/pepperoni, bacon, and Italian sausage.

The Australian meatlovers pizza we know today differs significantly from the original Italian pizza, which was entirely vegetarian, consisting of garlic, mozzarella, basil, and no sauce. Instead, the Australian twist is slow-cooked tender beef, smoked ham, pepperoni, topped with mozzarella and served on a southern-style smoky BBQ sauce base.

In particular, the best seller at our pizza shop Caloundra has always been the meatlovers which is basically a pizza with all-you-can-eat meat! Our pizza shop Caloundra provides high-quality ingredients, simple yet authentic Italian flavours, and is served fresh and sizzling hot, leaving you singing “that’s amore.”

Queenslanders are also unique in that they are one of just two states that believe prawns go on pizza and are the only state where olives rate a podium finish.

Victoria’s Favourite Pizza Toppings

Victorians would also be pleased with a meatlovers pizza, as their favourite toppings are mostly meat, with ham coming in second, salami/pepperoni third, and prosciutto fifth.

Our Pepperoni pizza at Pizza Guardians is hard to top, with its stringy mozzarella cheese and crispy meat layered over a tomato sauce foundation. Pepperoni is an American cured salami that first appeared on pizza in the US and has been a popular topping ever since.

Victoria is the only state where anchovies did not rank among the top ten favourite pizza takeaway toppings. Instead, they ranked eggs very high…

Victoria was the only state that thought an egg on a pizza was a good idea, with ham and bacon (#8) in their top 10 toppings. Our Aussie Pizza at Pizza Guardians features signature tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, bacon, onion and topped with two fresh eggs, the perfect pizza takeaway for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

The National Pizza Toppings of Australia

Overall, what would it look like if we combined Australia’s top five toppings and put them on a pizza?

  1. Mozzarella,
  2. Salami or pepperoni,
  3. Mushrooms,
  4. Olives,
  5. Finally, some cheeky pineapple.

Overall, the margherita pizza, with its toppings of fresh tomato, kalamata olives, oregano, and mozzarella cheese, outranked all other pizzas to become Australia’s most popular pizza takeaway option. Primarily regarded as the first pizza ever created, the tried-and-tested margherita pizza was created in 1899 and continues to dominate as Australia’s most popular pizza takeaway choice.

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