5 Ways to Celebrate National Pizza Day

Pizza delivery is one of the most popular foods on the planet, with endless variations and combinations associated with culinary cultures from all over the world. Found at both inexpensive takeaways and fine dining establishments, pizza can be as basic or lavish as you wish.

On February 9th, there’s no better way to demonstrate your love and admiration for this delightful cuisine than by eating a slice (or two), so here are five clever ways to consume pizza on this exciting holiday! February 9th is the ideal time for pizza fans to celebrate and consider why they think flat baked bread packed with tomato, cheese, and a variety of toppings is so darn wonderful.

Host a Pizza Party

On National Pizza Day, treat yourself to a feast at your favourite pizza place. National Pizza Day is also celebrated by many “fast food near me” establishments, which means there are a lot of fantastic offers to be had, so keep a lookout.

In your living room, set out a blanket, turn on a movie, and have a fun pizza delivery night with your family. Or arrange a pizza and wine tasting party for a more adult pizza delivery night.

The best part is you don’t have to lift a finger to celebrate with pizza delivery from Pizza Guardians! It’s a treat to yourself to order in — and you deserve it. So, kick your feet up and have a pie delivered to your house with all the fixings.

Throw a Pizza Party Virtually

We may not be able to party in the usual sense because of the pandemic, but we may still rejoice with friends and loved ones virtually. So, make someone’s day by throwing a pizza delivery party over Zoom, so you may share your own pizza pies and still enjoy each other’s company.

Go On a Pizza Place Crawl

To identify the top pizza place in your city, research and then map out a pizza “fast food near me” path. We trust in you and your pizza-eating prowess, but keep in mind that a crippling food coma might be in your future. So, drink plenty of water throughout the day and, if feasible, walk instead of driving or utilising public transportation.

Bring Pizza to The Office

You will most likely be at work on National Pizza Day, as it falls on a Tuesday. So, to be a genuine office hero, get pizza delivery to the office. Or simply invite the individuals you like to lunch at the nearby Pizza Guardians pizza place.

Brush Up on Your Pizza Knowledge with These 10 Fun Trivia Facts

Why not celebrate by ordering your favourite kind of fast food near me with pizza trivia! Spend some time drooling over these amusing and flavourful facts with your fellow pizza fanatics. These 10 intriguing pizza facts will help you brush up on your pizza knowledge.

  1. Pizza was first created in the 1800s in Naples, starting as a method to feed the destitute and hungry. Pizzas were sold inexpensively on the streets and eaten by hand, a style of dining derided by rich (and perhaps envious) Neapolitans as “disgusting”.
  2. The first bitcoin transaction was for pizza delivery, which cost 10,000 BTC (currently worth about $1,219,000 USD).
  3. Margherita was the very first type of pizza. In 1889, Queen Margherita and her husband, King Umberto, visited Naples when they became dissatisfied with their diet and wanted to sample a local meal. The colours of the Italian flag were used on the pizza, including white cheese, basil, and tomatoes
  4. The cost of a slice of pizza in New York City has climbed at an astounding rate in lockstep with the cost of a subway journey. The ‘Pizza Principal’ is the name given to this phenomenon.
  5. Chefs attempted to deliver pizzas in cake boxes at first, but they became soggy and crumbled too quickly. Instead, the traditional pizza box was created, which comprises two cardboard panels sandwiching a corrugated layer that provides support and insulation. The ideal way to keep crusts crispy, bases solid, and cheese warm and tasty!
  6. In Canada, Sam Panopoulos, a Greek-Canadian, added pineapple to pizza to lure customers to his fast food near me restaurant and was inspired by his favourite canned pineapple brand. Panopoulos had no idea that he had launched one of the most heated controversies in history: whether pineapple belongs on pizza (of course, it does).
  7. In the 1960s, frozen pizzas came on the scene from the Celentano Brothers.
  8. While mozzarella has traditionally been the most popular pizza cheese, we now have scientific evidence that it is the finest method to top your pie. Several cheeses were pitted against each other by two professors at the University of Auckland in areas such as oiliness, stretchiness, and oven blistering. After much testing, mozzarella emerged victoriously!
  9. The World Pizza Championship is a weekend-long event that includes contests ranging from dough-spinning to best dough and greatest pizza.
  10. Thanks to new technology developed in the United States, which allows pizza to be printed using a 3D printer in the hopes of providing astronauts with more flavourful food in space than the bland meals they’re used to.

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